The Vine brings medical care to those most vulnerable in Kamuli.  Our team goes to villages with doctors as well as sends those with AIDS, jiggers, malaria, typhoid, cancer, and other ailments to local hospitals.  

Thanks to a generous donation from Millions From One we were able to bring 1500 shoes to Uganda and held outreaches where our team washed feet, prayed, and administered medical treatment.  

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Bring hope to people like Suzie.

With the singing voice of an angel, Suzie has a contentment and hope in life that is stunning.  Her only prayer is for JOY and a continued trust and hope in her best friend and "King of Glory", Jesus. 

Help support someone like Daniel.

Daniel suffers from painful Jiggers (deadly parasitic infection) that has virtually taken over his entire body.  A neglectful and abusive family left him nearly dead from starvation, and disease.  The Vine was able to rescue Daniel and take him to a hospital for extensive medical treatment.  He is now a part of The Vine Family as we took him in to live at our facility for full-time personal care and most importantly love.