Our vision is to build a new  facility in Kamuli that houses our children's home, school, church, and community center for job-training/employment.  Help us by choosing your own amount to donate to the Land Fund.




To service our 4 villages with spiritual outreach, child rescue, and social services we need two used 13-person vans. 


Mota Boda's are the "uber" of Uganda!  These motorcycles are absolutely essential for running errands and social work.  Help our staff do their job more efficiently with quick transport. 


Our main goal is to have a community hub that includes a school, children's home, church, and job training/employment center.  To build this it will take lumber, fencing, roofing, doors and labor.  Please consider giving to the Building Fund.   


Goats are a prized possession to people in the rural villages of Kamuli.  Like cows, they provide milk and meat for nutrition and income.  Goats are also important culturally and economically to farmers. 


The Vine's women are currently receiving sewing training and a daily wage for their hard work in creating beautiful aprons, headbands, etc.  Additional sewing machines would allow us to employ more women.  These women can provide for their families and gain a sense of purpose and confidence. 




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9 million people lack safe water in Uganda. There are many communities (both rural and urban) that only have contaminated water sources available. This causes frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery.

Many people suffer from Jiggers (parasitic bugs that burrow into bare feet causing painful and sometimes deadly infection.)  This is preventable with treatment and close-toed shoes.  Your donation also supports our kids that are HIV+ and require special medical attention. 

The Vine kids LOVE to read and we could definitely use some books to fill our shelves!



Cows are considered an economic asset in the villages of Kamuli.   Not only do they provide milk and nutrition, but the sale of milk is an income-generator, and organic manure can be used to fertilize soil.


The Vine is already a gathering spot for children, but we currently don't have a safe, fun and creative play area for them. It has been proven that play alleviates stress, improves concentration and helps children perservere through difficulties.  Help us bring a playground to The Vine!




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