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Community and Spiritual Outreach / Village Visits

The Vine provides spiritual outreach to residents of Kamuli and the surrounding villages.  Annually we host large outreach events where hundreds of people gather to hear God’s Word explained by pastors and speakers.  After the teaching and worship, we always provide a feast of food because we believe in feeding our friends physically as well as spiritually.  These outreaches feature a time for prayer; and often we show the Jesus Film to the crowd as we end the outreach.

In addition to large outreach events, our staff makes weekly visits to our four villages to assure that the needy are thriving.  These visits often consist of small group Bible study, a service project, or personal counseling.

Local Prison Ministry

We are now regularly ministering and serving in two local prisons. Not only is the Gospel shared, but our team brings in necessary items like bars of soap, food, etc.

Want to serve in Africa?

Watch one of our outreaches and village visits...