Meet The Vine Staff:

The Vine Uganda boasts a solid staff of educated, ambitious Ugandan men and women that long to impact their community.  Most of our staff has overcome extreme poverty to achieve their dreams of working for a non-governmental organization that serves the most vulnerable population in Kamuli. 

The Executive Director of The Vine Uganda has overcome more than poverty.  At a young age, a difficult bout of malaria left Vianey almost fully deaf.  Despite this hardship, he excelled in school, and will receive a degree in theology this fall.

The Programs Director, Christopher, helped his single mother sell items on the street in order to put himself through school.   He received a certificate in Public Administration and Management, and will attend university classes in the fall to further his love of education and public service, while working full-time at The Vine.    

The Administrator, Peter, brings a wealth of experience to his role at The Vine.  After an internship with the Ministry of Health Uganda, Peter has used his skills to help with archiving, writing proposals, and validation assessment and implementation for the assurance of governmental standards.  In 2013 Peter served as a supervisor in a malaria consortium funded by John Hopkins University.  This job helped secure funds for him to return to school to pursue a Business Administration diploma. 

The Children's Director, Claire, studied Business Administration for two years before realizing her dream of working full-time with children.  She loves attending national workshops that enable her to serve the children within the four villages The Vine serves. Claire brings the knowledge, compassion, and heart for children to The Vine as she plans for their medical, emotional, and physical well being.