Meet The Vine Staff:

The Vine Uganda boasts a solid staff of educated, ambitious Ugandan men and women that long to impact their community.  Most of our staff has overcome extreme poverty to achieve their dreams of working for a non-governmental organization that serves the most vulnerable population in Kamuli. 

The Executive Director of The Vine Uganda has overcome more than poverty.  At a young age, a difficult bout of malaria left Vianey almost fully deaf.  Despite this hardship, he excelled in school, and will receive a degree in theology this fall.

The Programs Director, Christopher, helped his single mother sell items on the street in order to put himself through school.   He received a certificate in Public Administration and Management, and will attend university classes in the fall to further his love of education and public service, while working full-time at The Vine.    

All of The Vine's staff members work extremely hard in their respective roles to serve the community and share the hope of Jesus!