Did you know many villagers, due to lack of resources or accessibility, resort to sponges and rags in their underwear, or just laying in their huts all week during their menstrual cycle?

Our goal is to provide a deluxe menstruation kit from Afripads for 500 women in Kamuli.   These kits are reusuable, washable, and even come with multiple size inserts, and a small waterproof-lined bag to carry them in.  We are all about sustainability, and plan to teach our women's empowerment groups to sew these pads for their community.
Please support us by donating today!  Just $5 supports 1 woman for a FULL YEAR with sanitation products.  When you give $20 we would love to thank you by sending you a free "Rescued T-shirt" for supporting 4 women this year.  

If just 125 people give $20 we'll reach our goal of 500 women.
-OR- If 500 people give $5 we'll reach our goal of 500 women.

Every woman deserves Dignity, Health, and Love.... Period. 

THANK YOU for the faithful ways you give!  Stay tuned for pictures & updates!

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Support the village women with Sanitation Products!  Every woman deserves Dignity, Health, Love... Period. 

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