Our land is beautiful and fertile, and will serve the people of Kamuli for many decades to come. The dream is ever evolving but here’s what we dream to build the future:


The Vine Primary School

The Vine Primary School will be a premiere school featuring an excellent staff of teachers, social workers, children’s events, and rigorous Christian curriculum.   Our dream is to build and operate a high performing school where orphans and disadvantaged children can obtain a Christ centered, quality education. Families that struggle to pay school fees also benefit because of our scholarship program. We’ll provide a quality primary education for the children of Kamuli that attend as “day students” (returning to their family’s home at the end of each school day), as well as a home for “student orphans” who reside at The Vine—receiving an outstanding education and the security of a loving home.  

A Church

The Vine Community Church will stand as a beacon of hope for the rural villages throughout the Kamuli district.  With an emphasis on gospel outreach and evangelism; we will proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to all who seek help and nurturing.  We believe our church serves as the arms and feet of Jesus; and we value every man, woman, and child that walks through our doors.

A Community Center

The Vine Community Center will be a hub for activities and fellowship throughout the week.  Women’s groups, governmental meetings, skill-based workshops, and health care will all flow from our lively center.  In addition to serving as a gathering place, the community center will also house women’s sewing camps, and the production of our “Mommy-and-Me” apron line, skirts, shirts, school uniforms, etc.  

Approximate Initial Building Costs: $400,000

How can you help?

There are so many ways you can contribute...