In June, 2010, Gari Meacham traveled to Musana Children’s Home in Uganda to lead a team of teachers in a training designed to help with reading and writing comprehension. One night after returning from a full day at Musana, Gari was approached by a young Ugandan man that worked at the hotel. He asked if she was a Christian, and wondered if she could return the next night to tell him about Jesus. The next night she climbed out onto a roof balcony and for several hours explained the love of Christ to this young man and his brothers. Several months later he contacted Gari in the United States and told her he was serving on a Youth for Christ Mission in Sudan.

In June, 2013 they decided to begin a project of their own. They envisioned a place where the community could gather and hear about God’s love; a place where basic needs could be met while keeping the dignity and pride of self-sustainability in the forefront. The Vine Community Outreach was formed that summer, recognized by the local government as a partner in sharing hope and care for the residents of Kamuli. Today The Vine works with the residents of four villages providing women's empowerment programs, school sponsorships, poverty relief, and spiritual discipleship.